Friday, December 31, 2010

a summary of 2010, the happy parts anyway*

ninety-seven movies watched
sixty-three books read
one hundred and forty-one conversations overheard
(approximately) seven hundred photographs taken
twelve rabbit rabbits
two bones broken (in the same arm)
one national park visited (twice)
three cousins hosted
one hockey game attended
three pets buried in the yard
three craft fairs
two german friends
innumerable: crows, baked goods, games played, walks on the beach, moments of maternal pride, tears shed, hugs given and received, rabbit costume sightings, songs sung and heard, t-shirts printed and stitched, cups of coffee consumed, reasons i love my dog, fires built in the yard, friends, and family.

as far as the not happy parts, it would be silly to list them. they live in the past, and a new year lies ahead. as usual, i am ready to shake the dust of 2010 off my feet and step boldly into 2011.

*yeah, oh boy, i am such a weirdo. why i included broken bones and deceased pets in this list is as much a mystery to me as it is to you.


Melissa Crowe said...

It's funny you list broken bones among the happy things. ;-)

Happy New Year, friend!

Liz Woodbury said...

yeah, that's kind of goofy, huh? it was a rather festive broken arm, after all, and it happened at HAPPY wheels...

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, and happy new year to YOU, my friend!

holly kellogg said...

so well said!

mama d said...

Welcome back to Maine, Mean Mama! I missed the blog over Christmas, and I like your year-end summary a lot!