Monday, December 13, 2010


i spent the weekend at the picnic portland holiday sale with my trusty craft fair table mate. it was unaccountably exhausting, but a lot of fun and successful, too. we were directly across from spindleworks, which i love, hence the many photographs of their table.

i restrained myself from buying things, with just a couple of gifty exceptions. there was some amazing stuff to be purchased. i didn't once hear myself refer to this as a "crap fair," as i have admittedly done in the past at other, ahem, crap fairs.

below, the yeti and my lovely table mate (hey, look, she's wearing a milo in maine scarf!).

i saw lots of my favorite people there, some of whom i haven't seen in years. i also got to meet allie of broke 207 (one of my very favorite portland blogs). i think i scared her off with my awkward chatter about nancy drew.

as you exit the irish cultural center, this is what you see. which is kind of funny, no?

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