Wednesday, November 03, 2010


hmm. this blog seems to have become "mean mama ambles around the countryside." probably i should say something political today, but for some reason i'm not in the mood.

i do spend my time doing things other than gazing at the ocean and climbing mountains and so on. for example.

well, okay, there we are again in the maine countryside; hiking in topsham in the woods behind emily and matt's house this weekend. they invited us for another delicious brunch.

matt and emily take their breakfast food very seriously.

annie carved the stunning little bird below, and along that same theme, emily gave me a birthday present...

one of those joseph cornell-esque bird shadowboxes i coveted at nest!

in other news, zoë's friend lilly was home for the weekend from college (she goes to barnard, where zoë is going next year), and it was lovely to see her.

and in the very least photogenic of my news, we are removing the horrible old floor in our kitchen. it is...horrible. it's become one of those projects that ends up taking ten times longer than you plan for. in the end, we will get down to the wood, and we'll paint it. we're leaning toward light gray, possibly using a marine paint.

did i ever tell you how much mark likes finding stuff on the beach? check out the stuff he found on a recent cliff walk with isaac! also, check out my new tilt/shift application on my camera/phone. oooh, pretty.


Julie Falatko said...

You know, if you squint at it, your kitchen floor actually looks kind of artistic. Like the road-crew-line drawing art that's in Portland right now. It was in the paper.

Liz Woodbury said...


also, i'm now remembering i should post an "after" photo. although it's not completely done, it looks so much better.