Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'excellent!' i cried. 'elementary,' said he.

i've been stitching endless scarves lately (well, okay, not endless, but you know. stitching many lines on long, long scarves, great piles of them), first for our close buy catalog orders and now for whole foods stores and our upcoming craft fairs. last month i mostly watched dexter, breaking bad, and the occasional episode of intervention or hoarders while i sewed. kind of grim and gory viewing, actually. let's think of it as a halloween theme. this month i find myself more interested in black and white movies (as mark so insightfully noted, it's the closest i can get to watching christmas movies without actually watching christmas movies). yesterday i watched a bunch of basil rathbone sherlock holmes mysteries. my favorite was when dr. watson got hypnotised by a big swirly thing in the woman in green.

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