Friday, November 26, 2010

everything is connected to everything else

for the first time in many years (eight? nine?) we celebrated a somewhat traditional thanksgiving, in honor of mark's mom coming to visit us (it's been even longer since she's been to maine). it was wonderful to have her here, and we got her out to see some sights despite the mostly gray and windy-cold weather.

i cooked a feast with help from my friends. jason came over to help us eat it (and then david showed up later, too). it was pretty damn delicious if i do say so myself.

the menu:
*mashed garlic potatoes
*magical sweet potato casserole
*cornbread and chestnut dressing
*marinated brussels sprouts
*tiny peas with slivered almonds
*gingered cranberry sauce
*pumpkin chocolate chip bread pudding
*gingerbread pumpkin custard
*jason's incredibly delicious apple pie

as it turned out, it was also one hundred percent vegan, which was all about the earth balance buttery sticks and coconut milk i happened to have on hand.

below, my dad's traditional holiday grace:

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Melissa Crowe said...

Mmmm. Good work! (I was wondering what brought on the shift from Indian food to pilgrim-style feast! :-)