Saturday, October 02, 2010

it rained and then the sun came out

last night i picked the boy up from his boat in the pouring rain, and then i bought him a couple of slices of otto pizza (he was starving), and then he and mark and i walked the wettest art walk i've ever participated in.

megan had a show at whitney art works, where i snapped these marlowe-isaac photos. isaac looks pretty good for a kid who hasn't taken a shower in a week.

completely unrelated to the above, zoë and i scored five of these rooster glasses at goodwill. drinking glasses are something i have no need of, as i have an extensive collection of pickle and jam jars filling my cabinets. but roosters!


erin said...

I pick up random glasses and coffee mugs constantly. The sad fact is that I am so clumsy I constantly break them so there's never any overflow.

Oh the circle of life. ;)

erin said...

And I just wanted to say sometimes I think we have the same brain. I just finished red riding trilogy 1980 last night. Which one did you like better so far?

Liz Woodbury said...

i am clearly your (much older) long lost twin, erin! i think i slightly preferred the first one. i kept getting confused in the second one about whether i recognized characters or if they were new, you know? what did you think? i'm hoping to watch the third this week some time!

erin said...

That's exactly why I didn't like the second one as much. I spent too much time trying to figure out if the Ginger cop and the bald beefy cop were the ones that beat Eddie up in the first movie. By the time I established that I was so mad at the whole goings on of the guy's house burning down that I lost all hope for the movie. Brits are so desolate!

No offense to any Brits that might read this!

Oh and I felt so bad for the mother that Eddie was screwing. Messed up. Depressing!!! So maybe the third movie will be a happier one? hA!