Sunday, October 17, 2010

i am done with apple-picking now

i went apple picking with these dumplins and their dads today. first we went to thompson's orchard in new gloucester, where we ate delicious apple cider doughnuts but couldn't find any apples left on the trees.

so we drove a ways down the road to hansel's orchard in north yarmouth, where there were no doughnuts but plenty of apples.

we took them back to matt and oliver's (and the prodigal max's) house, where we turned most of them into unbelievably sweet homemade apple cider with their antique cider press.

i think we're near the end of apple season around here!


Zoƫ said...

i want to take that cider press on the road! also, oliver really does look so much like max in that last photo.

Liz Woodbury said...

he does, doesn't he? i think he should be max for halloween.