Saturday, September 04, 2010

too hot the eye of heaven shines

it's so boring to complain about the heat, particularly in maine where we get about seven truly hot days in an entire year. last week was the first official heat wave of the twenty first century here, though, so that's worth noting. maybe. there were a couple of days when i wouldn't even let zoë the walker-all-over-town go outside, because the air was bad (i heard on the radio). but mostly we were intrepid and marched down to the library many times, where we sweated copiously in the air conditioning. this bank clock exaggerates, but still.

below, the feet of my companion. we usually also obtained an iced coffee at arabica or bard once we got downtown.

she's started training at her new job, but she had yesterday off so we drove up to freeport to take a long walk at our old favorite, wolfe's neck state park.

it was hazy and sticky, but cooler. we saw the most amazing bird, which we figured out later was a pileated woodpecker: it was huge, crow-sized, black and white with a fabulous bright red head. we stood there watching it peck a tree for at least five minutes, it was so gorgeous.

we drove up to brunswick after that, grabbed delicious three dollar grilled vegetable tacos from lola's taqueria cart (WHY doesn't portland have a taco cart? why doesn't portland have more under-five-dollar options for food in general?), and headed over to nest to visit my great friend emily.

this place is amazing; zoë and i could see the emily aesthetic all over the store, which is full of birds, mushrooms, rabbits, flowers, beautiful handmade things, gorgeous designs and fabrics... i haven't coveted so many things i don't need in a long time. like these bird shadowboxes:

i should have taken more photos there, but i was overwhelmed by it all. after chatting with her for a while, we stopped for iced coffee at gelato fiasco (recommended by emily), where we were also forced to share a dish of caramel sea salt gelato because it sounded so good (note: it was). before heading home, we stopped at estilo consignment shop (zoë got two silk scarves for a dollar), and the topsham goodwill (i got a red and white striped messenger bag for seven dollars). what a great day with my girl! she is so itchy to get going on her travels, but i am absolutely in love with this bonus time i get to spend with her.


unemployed negativity said...

I recommend the Baja cart in Monument Square. You can get a veggie burger with guacamole, jalapenos, mexican style shredding cabbage for five bucks. They also do a Veggie Dog Mixta for $2.50, I think, it is a veggie dog served in a corn tortilla.

Liz Woodbury said...

ooh, good tip! that's funny, we were discussing your veggie burger recommendation yesterday, and i was really hoping it was in the five-dollars-or-less category. still, MORE FOOD CARTS, i say.

Zoë said...

i never want to work in food service again, but other than that, i love having just a bit more time with you too, mom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming! I am glad you guys liked the store.

Liz Woodbury said...

we really loved it, emily. i can't wait to bring mark back to check it out!