Wednesday, August 04, 2010

invincible summer

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zoë and i took advantage of the gorgeous, perfect weather on monday (and the fact that it was her day off) to drive up to camden and rockland. we spent the day strolling, drinking iced coffee, sharing a burrito, doing the new york times crossword puzzle together, window shopping, and people watching. i have a big crush on rockland, actually. they have an excellent bookstore cafe, and there's art all over the place -- check out these birds on one of the farnsworth buildings.

back at home, things are blooming sparsely in the yard. but they're blooming! japanese anemones don't seem to mind benign neglect.

 and thanks to the dancer, we've got some black eyed susans too.

august is funny. it's still the heart of summer, but there's already that "back to school" theme going on in stores, and i've noticed it's getting dark earlier. there's an entire month before school really does start, but the fall still feels imminent. i'm trying to squeeze all that i can out of summer while i can. for me that basically means walking around barefoot and drinking lots of iced coffee; opening all the windows and wearing tank tops; walking downtown in my flipflops and eating dinner at nine p.m.; staying up late reading mystery novels and waking up late feeling a little guilty.

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