Thursday, July 29, 2010

an improbable fiction

despite my baseline "hot and cranky" status, it turned out to be a pretty great day. i have my team of melissas to thank for that, actually; the dancer inspired me to get up and get going in the morning by meeting me at north star for coffee (mine was iced) and a walk. then later i had an exclusive tea party with my other favorite melissa at her lovely new apartment (which is magically only an eleven minute walk from my house). i am still thinking about her jasmine iced tea now, seven hours later. and finally, the dancer and i met up again this evening to see the fenix theatre company's production of twelfth night at the deering oaks wading pool. it was so incredibly funny. i think i may try to go back and see it again on saturday night.

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Melissa Crowe said...

Sigh. I'm so happy to be one of your favorite Melissas. Thanks for listening to me today--and for the heavenly strawberry shortcake. That coconut whipped cream was pure genius.