Wednesday, June 16, 2010

veranda thai

lucky, lucky me: zoë took me out to lunch at veranda thai today (she had a gift certificate max's mom gave her as a graduation gift). we shared pad thai and drunken noodles, and we also had some kind of delicious spicy soup (maybe tom yum?) that they vegetarianized specially for us. i loved the place. the service was really friendly, and it had an intimate, neighborhoody feel. the food was very tasty, with lunch prices (i find it annoying when lunch is just as expensive as dinner - green elephant, i'm talking to you) and huge portions. i think i preferred the drunken noodles very slightly, as they were less sweet and had nice toothsome hunks of broccoli.

mark and isaac have been in new york since yesterday morning - mark returns tonight, and isaac is staying another day with oliver and matt. not only did they see dan deacon play in red hook last night, but they very quickly ended up with their photos on brooklyn vegan.* i only wish someone had gotten a picture of oliver "being tossed into the air by the crowd," as mark described it in a text message.

*scroll down to photo number twenty-one and look for isaac's mustard yellow jeans.


Anonymous said...

I love the place right across the street, which I guess is owned by the same people, the Noodle place. It rocks.

Liz Woodbury said...

i heard it was good too!