Friday, June 11, 2010

summer, officially

 yesterday was isaac's last day of school, complete with eighth grade graduation ceremony. i didn't cry a bit, even though he's my baby and next thing you know he'll be off to high school and then the next thing after that he'll be all grown up and out into the world. i think i'm all cried out, and besides there are more than 150 students in his class and the ceremony lasted almost three hours. and i was distracted by these people sitting in front of me who didn't clap one single time. it was as if they'd randomly wandered into this middle school event and didn't know any kids there. and hated kids. they looked so bored.

also, isaac is very pleased to be finished with middle school and excited at the thought of a nice long summer stretching in front of him. i took a bunch of pictures of him with his friend anthony afterward, and this is honestly the one in which they look the least goofy.

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mama d said...

I just can't believe how fast time goes by!!