Friday, April 30, 2010

we eat food

i realize that these photos are pretty underwhelming, but let me tell you -- this was a very tasty meal. white bean and veggie sausage gravy, spelt biscuits, and greens. in fact, i just ate another plateful for breakfast.

on the subject of food, i thought i'd update you on my veganism or lack thereof. currently, nobody in my house is truly vegan. in fact, some health issues have led us to include a little bit of fish in our diets lately. then there's the goat milk yogurt temptation, the pizza at otto, burnt caramel micro sundaes at toscanini's, the fact that soy lattes are fifty cents more than cow lattes, and so on, luring me toward the dairy products. however, we still mostly eat vegan, and i mostly cook vegan food. i would currently describe myself as "veganish," or "vegan-friendly," or "vegan curious," or "fickle." i absolutely believe it's the most ethical way to eat, and i'm sure i'll always lean that way, food-wise.


David said...

elm and i are all vegetarian these days with many vegan meals. we are getting eggs (and corn meal and lots of greens) in our new csa and they are yummy and i think the chickens that make them are pretty happy.

erin said...

I eat a little fish here and there too.

I haven't eaten red meat or poultry since I was pregnant with Maxine (if I did during that pregnancy it was because a silly doctor told me to...found out with Elijah it was unnecessary)

I'm not comfortable eating meat mainly because I don't like it.

But Pretty Girl Rolls at Yama Sushi...can't help myself.

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, my--that meal is RIGHT up my alley. Seriously.

And I was wondering if you could call yourself "food queer." You know, like gender queer? ;-)

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, food queer is good. that's what i was going for with "vegan curious." also, you would LOVE this, m. the sausage is soy based, but i bet you could substitute something seitan-based. if you were feeding your husband, that is. and my advice re: the greens, is buy twice as much as you think you need.

erin, i craved fish when i was pregnant with bean, so i ate it. but not with boo, so i didn't. both have grown up big and strong and healthy.

david, lucky you guys and your csa! i haven't given up my happy chicken dream.

unemployed negativity said...

On the subject of food, I could not stop thinking about your world famous Vegan Reuben sandwich today. I ended up getting one at North Star; they are good, but they do not touch yours. Isaac is right, definitely in the top ten sandwiches (ever).

Liz Woodbury said...

j, it must be time for another vegan reuben party. maybe it should be a bi-weekly thing?! i would like to make them for you soon, but also i would be happy to share the recipe.