Sunday, April 25, 2010

things i've forgotten to show you

i stayed with my mom and dad last weekend while bean, boo, and m were in new york checking out a certain college. walking minnow one day, we came upon this pig roaster that stopped us in our tracks.

"ever seen one of these before?" its owner asked me proudly. "nope." i said, reflecting on the fact that minnow would fit nicely inside.

the highlight of my visit may have been watching the boston marathon from the roof of mom's friend's condo near newbury street. who would have thought that it would be so mesmerizing to watch hundreds of people run past from up above? but it was.

on another dog walk, i spotted this heartbreaking and poetic piece of rubbish beside the curb. there's a story there, don't you think?

i also suspect that i forgot to tell you that iced coffee season is nearly here. it's that awkward in between time still, really, but i couldn't resist piling ice cubes in my favorite pickle jar/drinking glass and filling it with coffee and soy cream the other day.

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