Monday, April 05, 2010


april's off to a nicely busy start. last sunday night, m picked german david up at the airport. he is on break from school for two weeks, and he's visiting his ellsworth friends and host family. he spent the night with us and on monday m and i put him on a bus to bangor. first, we hung out for a while at arabica. it was so fun to see him!

on wednesday night, all four of us (plus max!) went to a private test screening of my heart is an idiot at enoch's. we've been anticipating this film for a few years now, and it didn't disappoint. enoch is still in the process of doing some editing, and he asked a bunch of questions of the 20-person audience afterward, with the intention of considering feedback and making small changes. but the movie is excellent. really funny, completely engrossing, and a total success as far as i'm concerned. i can't wait to see it again.

i took the bus to boston on thursday to spend some quality time with mom and dad. the best bus driver ever serenaded us before taking the wheel. he sang again, over the p.a., as we pulled into south station.

the weather was my favorite kind, warm enough for iced beverages. we walked, ate snacks, met friends for coffee, and i got a massage, too. i am so lucky. not pictured: m, boo, bean, and max drove in on saturday, and we ate a feast that night at punjabi dhaba, with toscanini's for dessert. pictured: mom's reading material.

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