Thursday, March 04, 2010


this month is off to kind of a boring start. there was one morning with such beautiful sunlight coming through the windows that i thought i might be able to prove the march naysayers wrong, but mostly it's been gray and unexciting. plus, it's still only march fourth, somehow.

*milo in maine things are a little slow right now, as we plan and gear up for spring/summer.

*bean will learn all kinds of exciting/thrilling/disappointing/life-changing things, but not until april.

*the liberry is closed all this month, and i am ill-prepared (i know i could go to one of the wee branches, but i have a thing for the main branch).

*however, i'm enjoying flannery: a life of flannery o'connor, by brad gooch.

*my favorite line so far from this book is this one: "i could sew in a fashion and i began to make clothes for the chickens."

*i haven't been cooking many winners lately. things keep coming out mediocre.

*i've been avoiding baking delicious treats, even.

*i keep almost doing interesting things and then forgetting to go or having conflicts arise.

*examples: a pay-what-you-can yoga class; an animal refuge league volunteer orientation.

*i have some crafty ideas, but i seem to be unable to put them into action.

there you have it, a mighty pitiful list. i believe that once the sun really shines and i can open a window or two, things will be different.


holly kellogg said...

there you go, that's exactly MARCH for you! it's just THAT kind of month; i can't believe you never noticed it before. also, there's no window-opening in march...that's APRIL you're thinking of!

Liz Woodbury said...

okay, okay -- you were right! (although as far as window opening goes, i think even april is pretty optimistic. for maine, at least!)

Melissa Crowe said...

I think we need to figure out some sort of happy-making thing to do. What could it be?

Meanwhile, I made Cowboy Potato Chowder from the Imus Ranch cookbook, and if that stuff doesn't comfort you, NOTHING will. It is cowboylicious. Not to mention the chocolate peanut butter pillows.

Julie Falatko said...

I've been opening the windows anyway, any sunny day when the temperature is around 45. Just for a half hour or so, to get some of the stale air OUT.

I have a friend who calls February and March "Farch" because it sounds cursey. Mostly used in this sentence: "We just have to get through Farch, and then we can deal with the world again."

Now go roast some broccoli.

Liz Woodbury said...

farch. that captures it perfectly, julie. and yes, melissa, something happy-making is definitely called for!!!

kg said...

I LOVE farch! I'm telling all my friends!