Friday, January 01, 2010

happy happy new year

a new sweater for boo.

newly cut bangs for bean.

we celebrated with the dancer family last night.

sparkling pomegranate juice to ring in 2010!

the original fame on the telervision.

the dancer made us delicious tacos for dinner, and we brought a (storebought) chocolate raspberry cake.

and i have some actual resolutions this year:

:: learn to play the guitar, a little bit ::
:: get an ezpass ::
:: learn to use m's fancy camera ::
:: unsubscribe from all the email lists i'm on, even good causes ::
:: knit something and actually finish it, whatever it is ::
:: paint the living room ::


mh said...

Your blog is looking great! And great resolutions!

mama d said...

Great resolutions! And all very possible! You will be so happy to have EZ Pass--it saves you money and makes the trips so much easier, especially crossing the GWB.

erin said...

Sounds like every one had a wonderful evening. The sweater and the bangs are kick arse.

I've always wanted to get bangs, but my hair naturally parts on one if I got bangs you wouldn't ever know I had them...

But I would.

Liz Woodbury said...

bangs are called "der pony" in german, which is almost as adorable as bean's bangs!