Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i finally got around to scheduling a doctor's appointment today only to learn that my healthcare provider, a nurse practitioner named connie nagle, died unexpectedly in a bicycle accident just a couple of weeks ago. i barely knew her -- i've seen her a total of six or seven times in my life, and she was basically my gynecologist, so it's not like i looked forward to seeing her or anything. but she was such a sweet, bright, comfortable person, and i really did like her very much. i'm shocked by how sad i'm feeling about this.


erin said...

Sometimes there are people like that who occupy the outer circles of your existence.

When they die you feel the reverberations because they're no longer in your orbit. It throws your universe off balance.

Maybe make a small donation in her memory. That might help you a little.

Feel better!

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, I know what you mean. It _is_ sad.

mama d said...

I think it would be very strange if you didn't feel quite sad about this...I remember reading her obituary and thinking she sounded pretty vibrant and amazing and remarking to Peter that they were holding her service in this really cool recital hall at Bowdoin, a hall built into a place that used to be a swimming pool....6 or 7 contacts with someone is quite a lot, and, like those appointments or not (NOT!), it's a pretty intimate situation. Peter was close friends with the woman who was murdered in OOB on Monday. I've only heard her name over the years, never even met her, and I can't stop thinking about her...Murder at 50, bike accident at 56, I kind of see them both as tragedies. I think it takes awhile to absorb news like this!

jen j-m said...

connie trained me at pp way back in the day, knitted my kids tiny baby sweaters, made me belly laugh, was smart and awesome and totally committed to her family + her work. i was so devastated to hear about her accident. i'm glad you had her as your prac. - she was amazing with her patients.