Friday, November 20, 2009

all the world is birthday cake

i needed to pick bean up early at school yesterday for a doctor's appointment (the waiting room was alarming, full of preschoolers either wearing face masks or refusing to wear them, being chased around by their parents), and after that i didn't return her -- instead i took her to lunch at artemisia.

we shared a sweet potato sandwich and a veggie dumpling salad. i love the soy-ginger dressing they use on this salad - i always forget how delicious it is.

last night we ate at one of bean's favorite restaurants, asmara, and shared two big vegetarian platters with flora and enoch. then, cake back at home - bean wanted something reminiscent of a strawberry shortcake, so i made a vegan pound cake, cut it into two layers, and slathered it with whipped coconut cream and stewed strawberries.

here is a blurry picture of said cake.

in case i didn't mention it, the girl is seventeen now.

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mama d said...

That looks like a pretty great birthday! I wished her a hearty happy birthday on Wednesday, being a bit confused about the date, but then I got to do it again yesterday when she checked out of school. These last 10 years that I've known Zoe (counting the time at UU) have gone by alarmingly fast!!!