Saturday, October 03, 2009

october art walk

we made it to last night's art walk despite various sniffly colds and general familial tiredness (i mean, the family was sleepy, not tired of each other). boo's great friend leander had a photo/film/music show up at fotoshops, which was awesome (one of his film fragments below):

we also checked out the goings-on at a few other galleries. my favorite was draw your face off at space.

we got to say hi to our old friend, shannon rankin:

she also had a bunch of pieces up at the ica, including germinate, which is made of circles cut from maps, pinned in patterns:

i love shannon's work - it frequently involves maps, cut pieces, patterns, thread. it's beautiful. she also has an etsy shop right here.

my other favorite piece was a huge arch made of books inside a dark little room lined with mirrors, by aaron t. stephan.

then we watched paprika on enoch's huge projector screen. and then we ate paprika fries. the end.

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