Friday, October 23, 2009


(awesome tooth poster available here.)

thank you, everyone, for all your encouraging tooth-related comments! i am amazed how many of us grind our teeth and require an expensive plastic doohickey at night. i will report on my drugstore night guard for sure - it looks like you boil it and bite into it, then kind of mold it onto your teeth, and then dip it in cold water to set. not unlike your idea, holly! in fact, it's probably basically the same thing.

also, while i needed some serious gum work when i returned to the dentist after a ten+ year absence, i am now ready to get my cleanings at the une dental clinic. but i did pay the big bucks for my planing and scaling, melissa, at the very same dentist-to-the-stars, where they hand out free movie passes if they make you wait more than five minutes and apply a lavender-scented neck wrap when you climb into the dentist chair.


emily said...

I use one of the drug store night guards and it works pretty well. I have found the best cure for teeth grinding is to develop allergies so you have to sleep with your mouth open. Works for me.

Liz Woodbury said...

my drug store night guard is just fine so far - it fits surprisingly well. i just have to get used to what feels like the breath of DEATH when i get up in the morning.