Monday, October 19, 2009

stella stella stella

my sweetie, stella, came to visit this weekend!

it was pretty much all stella, all the time, because...just look at that face. she is such a cutie pie. below, stella in handcuffs (courtesy of her father. don't worry, she's a baby houdini).

saturday turned out to be a gorgeous, if chilly, day. we walked around the old port, and my bruddy got to try the coffee at both arabica and bard. he also bought us a huge box of standard baking treats, perhaps his favorite portland edibles.

my theory: one day, every american will come with his or her own iphone. kind of like a social security number.

saturday night we had a big pizza party at eva and nathan's house. emily and family were there, and their sister abby was in town with her husband joel. i can't adequately describe the connection between our families, but it goes back years and years, and i find it pretty magical that eva and emily and i all ended up in maine. abby and david were best friends in elementary school. now there are a bunch of offspring, too.

so, much of the evening consisted of a blur of babies (below, stella is still and esme runs by in the background).

then the clothes came off and the babies got really crazy. i tried in vain to capture it on film. doesn't it look like esme is doing some strange tribal dance?

babies, and their admirers.

i miss that girl and her parents already - only two months til christmas!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful time! nothing like naked babies!

Mary said...

only wish you'd been there too, Holly !