Friday, October 16, 2009

birthday redux

m and i are lucky to have birthdays two days apart, because we tend to enjoy week-long celebrations of specialNESS. monday was m's birthday, a national holiday in fact, and bean cooked us an incredibly elaborate southern indian feast of masala idlis, homemade coconut chutney, garlic pickle, and homemade chai (note boo's duplo-made dad of the year award from 2004 as centerpiece, below).

the idlis were delicious - i think to get them perfect, bean needs one of these.

homemade chai in an antique cup, above. coconut chutney, below.

i made m a vegan chocolate raspberry cake that night and we took it over to enoch's where we watched a really odd and wonderful movie, apart from that, on the big screen. the cake was wonderful and not at all odd.

also, there were presents - m got me some nice ginger-smelling scrubby stuff from origins, and sooze and chuck sent us these gorgeous kombucha glasses from an artisan friend they made at tesuque glass works on a recent trip to new mexico:

also (not pictured), my mom and dad got me a new winter coat. i can't begin to describe how happy i am going to be this winter NOT wearing my old one, which fit me like a sleeping bag.

my favorite was when m and i got birthday lattes at arabica on tuesday.

on my actual birthday, i spent some quality time at the liberry and also got treated to a birthday coffee by enoch. we had carryout from tandoor that night, just to continue the indian theme.

the celebration continues: today david, ellen, and stella are visiting from north carolina!

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