Sunday, October 11, 2009

apple acres farm

we are doing our best to take advantage of what is turning out to be the most beautiful weekend of the year - yesterday m, bean and i drove northwest to hiram, maine. we've been on a quest for the perfect apple orchard ever since we moved here ten years ago, and i'm happy to report that we finally found it!

first of all, the drive there was spectacular. we have a tendency to hug the coastline when we go exploring in this state, and i was surprised and happy to discover how gorgeous it is in the opposite direction, too. our first stop was at the limington rapids on the saco river.

next, we were forced to pull over (somewhere near standish) by the sheer adorableness of these fancy sheep and their alpaca friend:

see what i mean? they were like funny illustrations from a children's book, big fluffy bodies on tiny stick legs.

also, we all three were seized with the urge to move out to the country, it was so beautiful. there were rolling hills and quaint farmhouses. and sheep.

our destination, a dream apple orchard.

apples, pumpkins...

apple trees...

plus, peep those leaves!

oh yeah. and donuts (you can say that in a homer simpson voice if you'd like):

stay tuned for more quaint, picturesque, outdoorsy maine news, because today is open creamery day across the state. the sun is shining, and the goats are waiting for us to meet them.


Baby Indie said...

A man is old when he can pass an apple orchard and not remember the stomach ache

mama d said...

LOVE that white sheep! Glad you're taking advantage of this gorgeous day!

Anonymous said...

Rather amusing idea