Monday, September 21, 2009


m and bean spent a long weekend in chicago, where bean toured the university of chicago (she pretty much loved it) and had an interview. they were brave couchsurfers and were rewarded with very friendly hosts, comfy couches to sleep on, some cats, and enthusiastic advice that she should also check out mcgill (where their chicago hosts both attended college).

i got to spend the weekend with my bad boy.

(book a gift from the meiklejohn collection)

he got some cool new shoes.

which he wore sockless, valiantly, despite blisters.

we spent a lot of time watching lost and eating tater tots, but we also had an impromptu picnic with some veggie sushi on the eastern prom. the sky was spectacular.

our picnic view:

our picnic spot:

our picnic food:

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