Sunday, September 13, 2009

scenes from a soggy picnic

i think melissa summed it up nicely. the weather was verging on lovely. we set up a beautiful booth in the park. bunches of people came and shopped. and then around noon it started pouring cold rain, slowing our sales and increasing our need for snacks and hot drinks. and yet, it was kind of a great day, spent with great friends new and old.

below, our double shop - little pink house and milo in maine. note the bunting, my favorite piece of decor.

also note the "cheap tees $5" trunk, which made the day a miraculous sales success for us (despite the profits we spent at gro's raw food stand, wheeler's vegan ice cream, and then big hot drinks from coffee by design once we started to shiver in the rain).

mark shows off his awesome folding skillz:

enoch and boo show off their hula hooping skillz:

and sweet miss a shows off her gorgeous face paint:


Melissa Crowe said...

Your mister does indeed have mad folding abilities. And come on, now--that face paint is a little crazy, no? ;-)

erin said...

My oldest daughter Rose is some kind of champion hula hooper, no shitting. She's won prizes and stuff.

I just said 'and stuff'...that's pretty funny.