Monday, September 07, 2009

no wider than the heart is wide

we went back to mt. megunticook yesterday, possibly my favorite hike and view in the whole world.

this long weekend has been like a last minute summer gift, attempting to make up for all that rain in june and july. beautiful, breezy, sunny weather. no bugs.

if you're walking through the woods and come across people doing wilderness yoga, they're probably related to me:

the view straight above. i was lying on a huge, cool slab of rock when i took this:

it's hard work to get up to the summit, but so worth it. this view truly takes your breath away:

to reward ourselves for all that hiking, we stopped by m's favorite place for onion rings and veggie burgers, holbrook's lobster wharf in cundy's harbor:

kind of a picture-perfect late summer day in maine, right? it was one of those days when i feel suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude that i get to live here.


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mama d said...

I feel the same gratitude, although our big trip was to the Nick to see In The Loop.

Melissa Crowe said...
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Millennium Housewife said...

Those pics are simply stunning. Wilderness yoga? I thought only the bears practised that....