Monday, September 28, 2009


i had a happy weekend. first of all, it's fall. friday night some wonderful new friends came over for sushi and games, bearing a delicious cake, the remains of which they left behind, which meant that i got to have a piece for breakfast on saturday. cake aside, it was really fun to spend time with people who make me laugh and who i can be my goofy self with.

saturday m and i ditched the kids and drove to rockport to the center for maine contemporary art to see our friend karen's exhibition, "wozzeck" - my beautiful obsession. it was so gorgeous and engaging -strange and sad too.

the piece included photographs:

photograph/object combinations:

records playing a variety of things throughout the space (german language instruction, opera, 70's music),

this quilt,

cans of peas:

i am tempted to post all of the dozens of photographs i took there, but i'll restrain myself. m and i took a scenic drive all around rockport, camden, and then down around boothbay. when we got home, bean and i whipped up our favorite pad thai recipe.

sunday, to celebrate the rain and the chill in the air, i had a lovely cup of soup with the lovely dancer at north star (soup pictured below, green split pea). i wish i'd gotten a picture of a nearby laptop screen, open to a page that read, "how do human limbs know where to form?" which struck us, obviously, as hilarious.

i took bean to a local college fair, which was a little underwhelming college-wise and overwhelming number-of-people-wise. the admissions rep from dalhousie was our favorite (among other things, i learned how to pronounce it. the key is, don't say it with a faux french accent). bean learned about their honors program, and i learned that u.s. financial aid does not always transfer to canada, although sometimes it does. on our way out, after observing many regular teens and their regular parents, bean leaned her head on my shoulder and said, "i'm so glad we're not normal."

sunday night, it was enoch, games, finishing homework, veggie potpie with seitan, and apple-blueberry crisp with coconut milk ice cream.


Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, we had such a good time, too--and when you come over here for dinner, you have to bring something yummy on that plate, so I can give it back to my sister. ;-)

Mark said, "I'm SO amazed by their kids." Me, too. Good ones you cooked up, L.

erin said...

I'm pissed at this part of the world today it's not even funny.
I have to drive an hour to get my groceries cause among other things our local grocery stores don't have bean sprouts, fresh ginger, coconut milk, almond milk...anything other than soy and dairy ice cream and now rice noodles.
What am I supposed to eat?!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Every post I read of yours makes me want to move North.

Liz Woodbury said...

m, it's a plan! and you already know how i feel about your kid.

erin, i'm lucky, it's true - so close to so many good ingredients! i can't believe you can't even find coconut milk - that's absolutely shocking. i hope you'll come up here some day, at least for a visit. i think you'll like it!