Friday, July 10, 2009

my mom

happy birthday to my mom. i took a photo of her brand spankin' new "senior id" card, and just you wait. you would never guess this woman is a so-called senior citizen. like, never in a million years. but now she can buy a t pass for $20 bucks that cost her $59 back (yesterday) when she was 64.

birthday gifts for my mom: 1) a new iphone 2) the return of her prodigal german granddaughter, who we're picking up tomorrow!!!


Janet said...

Happy Birthday Mary! I can still remember the first time I met you at Curtain Up camp, and I could not believe that you were a grandmother! And not just of newborns! I think they may arrest you for fraud when you try to present yourself as a bona fide senior citizen! And welcome home Zoe!

Anonymous said...

happy birhday, yesterday, mary! congratulations on your new, discounted life!!!!
welcome home, zoe!!!!

Mary said...

all right all right ---love the iphone, where's my madchen ???