Wednesday, July 29, 2009

last week of july, in summation

first of all, now that it's almost august, summer has truly arrived. i haven't put on a wool sweater in maybe a week (no, really - much of the month of july has been sweater weather. not that i talk about the weather on this blog).

bean has been cooking us fabulous indian feasts! see the photo below, which features homemade dosas, sambar, garlic pickle, and coconut chutney.

oh, it's been raining still, every other day or so (again, not that i discuss the weather on this blog, so don't ask me to). below is a portrait taken during a distant thunderstorm that i like to call "too nervous to poop":

even as i write this, there are guys on my house, ripping off the old horrible leaky roof and (eventually) replacing it with a brand new, leak-proof roof.

well hello! and welcome to my back yard:

the end.


erin said...

The indian feast photo is making me super hungry.

I think Jeremiah and I will be going out for Indian this weekend! Yay!

mama d said...

Is it Kevin Leary and boys who are putting up the roof?

kg said...

I wish we could send all this water to Texas in return for wind power.