Wednesday, June 03, 2009


let me be the first (or...not the first, as the case may be) to instruct you to go see pixar's new movie, up, whether or not you have a child to drag along with you.

i saw it last night with m and boo (cheap night at the nick!), and although the trailers i'd watched had left me sort of cold, it was really wonderful, possibly my favorite (i know, i always say that after i see a pixar film don't i?). i cried and cried, and i also laughed out loud. PLUS there are dozens of dogs in this movie, the best one of all being dug (i thought his name was doug, but apparently not). who reminded me of a less intelligent minnow. oh, please go see it! and tell me what you loved about it: the "...and then..." nature of the story (which is something scott nash mentioned enjoying about it when we ran into him and his wife nancy afterward), meaning that things seemed to happen almost randomly as the story moved along, one thing after another. OR, like me, did you love the fact that it was basically a profound buddhist parable disguised as a cartoony kids' movie? OR, like m, did you just love how very weird it was?


Julie Falatko said...

Thank you! Excellent info. Though best of all that you ran into Scott Nash afterwards. How perfect!

Liz Woodbury said...

i know - and i have this weird feeling that it's not the first time we've run into them at a pixar movie (i was bragging about how my brother works at pixar and i had this sense of deja vu, like i've bragged about that to them before!).