Saturday, June 06, 2009


(image copyright studio mela)

i have a few friends who could use this reminder, so sweetly put and decorated with flowers! xo


Anonymous said...

I'll assume I was on the list, so thanks!
Dancer Lady

Liz Woodbury said...

of course you were on the list!

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz--
I saw you from afar the other night as I shouted, "You read The Infinite Jest!" aloud as my peeps skidded by in the Subaru Forester. My heart was with you, out of time: it had leaped a beat or seven: You were walking your dog right then and I couldn't break free, but oh, how i longed to. i've been your fan from afar for so long! Since Casco Bay Books like 8 yeas ago and then also Milo and then Scottish Dance. I'd love to do a writing/book/discussion group with you, if possible. Also, my book's coming out in 2 weeks: The Passion of the Hausfrau--and would love to have you review a copy--if you are so inclined.
Much love to you and yours (we watched Laura Scott's scottish dancing today and missd you all!).
My book:


Liz Woodbury said...

hi nicole!

that was pretty wonderful when you hollered about infinite jest from the window of your car!! you have of course always fallen into the category of my "imaginary friends," many of whom i know online or through random intersections of our lives. i have been reading EVERYWHERE about your book, and we were even featured in the same issue of "raising maine," you and i. i would be honored to review a copy of "passion of the hausfrau"! and tell me more about your writing/book/discussion group idea!


p.s. you can imagine how bereft i am that boo has lost his passion for scottish dance. i hope to get us all back to some ceilidhs, at least, in the future.