Sunday, June 21, 2009

imaginary friends

i never thought i'd become one of those bloggers with pretend friends in the blogosphere, you know? but somehow i have accumulated a bunch of new imaginary pals, and they're really not as "pretend" as i might have guessed. in fact, a couple of them have morphed into real-life friends recently, which is kind of awesome.

i've never actually met erin in the real world, but that didn't stop her from mailing me some junk!

i love getting mail. and i love surprises.

especially surprises involving silvertone earrings - one that says "NEW" and the other that says "KIDS."

i could only model "KIDS" cause my other earlobe was pretending it had never been pierced.

thanks, erin!! i have a place where i keep special little things, and these are going right there. it's basically a teeny tiny collection of very tiny, odd things (example: my human tooth collection). i'll show you sometime. but i have to admit, i'm glad my junk was a pair of earrings and not a human tooth.


erin said...

I can't believe you put those in your ears! They haven't been worn since I was 11 or 12! The 'New Kids' irony is that they're making some kind of comeback right now and a bunch of people I grew up with are going to their concerts. It confuses me.

I have a human tooth collection also. Creepy.

Liz Woodbury said...

okay, now i know why i like you. it's the human tooth collection connection.

Claudya Martinez said...

Nice post. It's fun to see the surprise you got from Erin.

Isn't strange how we develop blogger buddies? I had no idea that some of these "virtual" people would touch me the way they have.

Danni said...

Blog friends are the best. I now have good friends in Banff thanks to blogging. Needless to say I visit whenever I can.

Those are funny earrings.

Samantha said...

Came over from Erin's blog--she's one of my pretend friends, too. ;) I think that single earring is very stylish. Maybe you could wear a tooth in the other ear? ;)

Melissa Crowe said...

Who DOESN'T have a human tooth collection?! I'll tell you who: people without kids. What are you going to do after pretending to take them to fairy land, throw them out? That'd be, somehow, super cold, no?

Liz Woodbury said...

oh good, i'm glad you have one too, melissa. i don't know, i seriously don't think everyone with kids keeps them in a collection, per se. the other day i was cleaning bean's room and i found a HUGE HUMAN MOLAR in the middle of the floor. no idea where it came from. i added it to my collection.