Saturday, May 23, 2009

tower of song

boo and i got to hang out with the cool kids inside the tower of song this afternoon. we heard the amazing sontiago (left) and dilly dilly (right), up close and personal. then we went back down to earth and listened to lady lamb the beekeeper, also wonderful. the tower of song has joined my shifting mental list of "top ten things i adore about portland."


unemployed negativity said...


That sounds like a great day, and you did not even mention the toast! I would've liked to have stuck around to hear "Lady Lamb the Beekeeper" for some reason they are the local band that I most want to see.

I think the local music scene has to be one of my favorite things about Portland.


Liz Woodbury said...

jason, i know there was so much more to this day! toast and beverages and walking around town with my boy. also jugglers, hula hoopers, origami folders, and friends.

i have in the past been kind of cynical about local music, but i am reformed.

unemployed negativity said...

Yes, I have been cynical in the past, but I saw the Honey Clouds show at Space last night and am more optimistic.