Saturday, May 30, 2009

be obsequious, purple, and clairvoyent

every single time i walk past this bench, i think of this.


erin said...

That totally made my day. I love love love love Steve Martin. Have you seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? There's this one part that makes me freak out and laugh for hours.

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, but not in forever - i do love old school steve martin!

Anonymous said...

Ah, ha -- the boring, dull and omnipresent bench! -Pop

Julie Falatko said...

I love that I didn't even have to click the link to know to what you were referring.

Steve Martin is my celebrity crush. I forced poor Dave to watch "Bringing Down the House" or whatever that movie was called with Queen Latifah and Eugene Levy, and he turned to me about halfway through and said, "I know you are loving this, but Queen Latifah just doesn't do it for me the same way Steve Martin does it for you."

Anonymous said...

i did have to click the link, and maia and i loved it!