Sunday, April 12, 2009


happy eastery-springtime to you! i was just thinking of some things i like about easter, and i thought i'd share them with you.

1) swedish fish.

2) zombie-themed graphic novels. a tradition in our household, but why? if you think about it long enough, it starts to make perfect sense.

3) even though every year i NEED to buy something at the grocery store, which is mystifyingly closed on easter sunday, i still love driving around town and seeing so many empty parking lots and not-open places of business. i love that about thanksgiving, too.

4) i bought some coffee beans from starbucks (that's what i NEEDED, otherwise how would monday morning ever happen?). i know, i know - but they were open. and everyone working there was so incredibly cheerful ("time and a half?" suggested m) it made me even happier to be alive.

5) spring sunshine, although it was deceptive. the wind on the beach was bone chilling.

6) a big pot of rice and beans for dinner, and the company of our friend enoch.

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Mary said...

tee heee Easter zombies: perfect!