Friday, April 03, 2009

dog saves girls

my brother david is transferring our grandfather's childhood home movies to digital - the fabulous thing about these movies (besides the fact that they're around 70 years old and just amazing in general) is that the family movies were always (or usually?) scripted, with an exciting plot. i need to ask my grandfather for more details! i love this one, wherein a small spaniel comes to the aid of a bunch of girls who have tumbled down a hill:


mama d said...

Fantastic movie....the precursor to Bean's music videos and all the other Woodbury-High masterpieces!

Anonymous said...

These were filmed by Uncle Bob (RL Sweet), brother of Sybil Sweet W. (aka Gagu). The adults include Aunt Louise (Sweet) and the formidable Grandmother Sweet in her fur collar.

We'll need some help to identify the girls and the dog.


Liz Woodbury said...

so, filmed by ribby's uncle, starring his aunt and grandmother (your great-grandmother, my great-great-), right? could one of those girls be harriet jane?