Tuesday, April 14, 2009


m is sick, with a bad cold that he just hasn't been able to shake for the last ten days or so (my diagnosis was "this cold is your body telling you to get in bed all day with a book and a cup of tea," but his method for dealing with illness is more along the lines of "ignore it and it'll go away eventually"). anyway, he was raised on the curative powers of vick's vaporub, and the stuff is pretty great when you're hideously congested. however, he just realized that the above vial of vaporub has an expiration date that ends in '97. as in, 1997, twelve years ago. which not only means that we possess a twelve-year old pot of menthol rub, but that we must have packed it and moved it from baltimore to maine.


Mary said...

maybe he's been sick so long bc his VVR is so far past its sell by date...buy that poor boy a new jar !

Liz Woodbury said...

i will! at least he's in bed today, like a good sick boy.