Monday, March 09, 2009

springing forward

sort of. with the help of my third delicious cup of intelligentsia coffee (a gift from meiklejohn-in-maine).

also, i hauled myself to the gym this morning after about a week and a half of perfectly legitimate excuses not to go. and i even had the excuse this morning of IT'S SNOWING. not to mention daylight savings.

so now i'm getting ready to do a quick milo in maine inventory while i keep one eye on the computer at all times, just in case bean might be online. she is experiencing a bit of an upheaval right now; tomorrow she is moving to a new family due to the fact that her current host father had a pretty serious ski injury and is now recovering at home. i guess her family thought this might be stressful for everyone involved, and afs germany found a temporary host family in a nearby village. bean really doesn't know much of anything about them, except that there is a 15 year old and a 17 year old, and that they go to a waldorf school. she is understandably stressed by this turn of events, although she is also eager to meet a whole new family. at the end of six weeks, she can decide whether she'd like to stay with the new family or return to her original family. i am feeling anxious and excited on her behalf!

below, a portrait of an unusually tidy work space.

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