Friday, March 06, 2009

maine maven

the maine maven digs milo in maine!


Anonymous said...

"Fashionable fun for the whole family — from Milo. Who would've guessed?"

Great blurb! Now update the kids page with all your cool new designs!

love, -Pop

Anonymous said...

Broadway Cafe folks really dig Milo in Maine as well! Every time C wears his shirt, black scarf, or my fish scarf, those queing up (as well as the barristas) are mad for them. Perhaps we'll start wrapping the scarves around Ze's collar and start a new craze, hmmm? (and I second Pop's suggestion!)

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks!!! (i'm technologically incapable of doing anything with the website, and my tech guy has a gazillion other things going on - but we are both in agreement that it is in need of updating!)