Monday, March 30, 2009

items of note (and an amazing race spoiler)

*as of this minute, there are still six hours left to vote in my exciting twitter poll!

*hugely disappointing: mel and mike were eliminated last night on the amazing race. boo and m are so bereft that they swear they won't watch another episode, but i still want to see who wins (now i guess i'll root for luke and margie -- margie, who fainted dramatically into phil's arms last night, by the way). and i want to see that last episode when the winning team sprints to the finish line and everybody's there to slap hands and cheer them on. then we'll get that last glimpse of mel and mike.

*i was much cheered, though, to learn on the today show this morning (while on the treadmill at the gym -- i didn't need to include that information, but i wouldn't want you to think i sit at home on my couch watching the today show, 'cause i don't) that 40 is the new 20. i hope it's the new 10 pretty soon, so i can ride my banana seat bike all afternoon and throw mean kids over fences when they dis my brother.

*i switched the car radio to wmpg because there's an even-more-annoying-than-usual pledge drive going on at the npr station right now. this morning, i heard this song, which just might be my new theme song.

*i realized that the weightlifter guys at the gym stare at themselves in mirrors just as much as (if not more than) fourteen year old girls do.

*artemis has two tickets to see david sedaris on friday, and she invited ME to go with her!!!


Robin said...

Lucky you, going to see David Sedaris! I love the Amazing Race, too, and was also sad to see Mike and Mel leave. Happy that 40 is the new 20, since I just turned 40 in February... whew!

Liz Woodbury said...

i know, i can't believe my good luck. i get to go with one of my daughter's very best friends, who got tickets for hanukkah. i've found that 40's not so bad... maybe not quite 20, but personally i wouldn't want to be 20 again anyway!

Mary said...

Damn - I'm not sure that I want to watch any more, either........and now they have to go to the vacation from heck with - - - S_T_E_V_E - - -

but I AM glad that you get to see D.S. w/ artemis (is this his first time back in Portland since THAT time? hope that lady doesn't come....)

so, does this mean that I am 40 ? hmmmm - is dead the new alive?

Liz Woodbury said...

i know, it's really quite crushing. but at least they get to vacation together in thailand (? right?)...

it is the second time he's been in town since that terrible time, i think. (or the third). last year (i think, or the year before) bean and artemis went together! so i am very honored to be chosen this time.

yes, you are 40, and yes, dead is the new alive. i seriously can't wait to be 10 again, though!