Friday, March 13, 2009

i won a major award

yes, i did -- two tickets to see duncan sheik, who i really do like, "adult contemporary" as he may be. i dragged enoch along with me, and we partied like it was 2003. actually, it was nice, but duncan is into rock musicals now (he did the songs for spring awakening, and he's now all excited about this new project involving lighthouses and ghosts), and thus what he mostly played were basically showtunes. showtunes about ghosts and lighthouses. still, it was fun, and i was this excited to win something ("it's a major award! i won it!") from


David said...

I remember standing next to Duncan Sheik at a party that Mark snuck us into in the Bellagio Hotel...I think that is the same party that Mark talked to Alice Cooper about golf. I also remember that there was a pig being served for dinner cartoon-style with an apple in its mouth.

Liz Woodbury said...

that's so funny -- i do remember mark talking about what a nice guy duncan sheik seemed like, one of the reasons i like him. he seemed nice at the concert, though he wore a funny little hat.

margot said...

wow! you won a major award! sounds like fun.