Friday, March 20, 2009

i was born in kansas

i had the radio on just now while i was dealing with some laundry, and down memory lane was on maine public radio, which is actually kind of an adorable show. and guess who i should hear singing i was born in kansas but frank sinatra!? i never in my wildest dreams imagined frank singing that song. in fact, i only ever imagined my own kansas-born relatives singing it. or me, singing it to myself. i was born in kansas, and i was partially bred in kansas, and when i got married, i was wed in kansas. i'd certainly never heard this verse before:

troubles end in kansas, folks unbend in kansas,
everyone will be your friend in kansas
and they'll be there to help me celebrate
with my sunflower from the sunflower state


Anonymous said...

Wonderful discovery, the recording and the lyrics! But iTunes doesn't carry any versions of that song. -Pop

Anonymous said...

i kind of thought the woodburys made that song up all those years i heard you sing it!

Mary said...

frank sinatra??? why ever??!

margot said...

holly, me too! i remember that song making me laugh and laugh.

margot said...
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