Friday, February 27, 2009

if you don't mind, it doesn't matter

we went to a multicultural potluck event at boo's school last night, which was incredibly well attended -- packed with parents and kids and food. strangely, i had conversations with two different parents about age. as in aging. the first was with a friend who was musing about being old enough and having acquaintances you've known long enough that you can see them turn some kind of corner, almost suddenly, around which they abruptly appear...older. the other conversation, with my nice neighbor, involved her telling me i look much younger than my age and my telling her that she also looks much younger than her age (it's true, she does). she said something about how having a youthful attitude is important, and i said, "yeah, and good genes." she thought i meant "good jeans," and then she and m had a long conversation about where to buy good jeans in new york, cheap.

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margot said...

that made me laugh so hard!