Monday, February 16, 2009

the amazing race

i almost forgot to mention that the amazing race season fourteen started last night, and it was fabulous.* it's off to such a great start; not only are there several potentially sympathetic teams to root for, the challenges on this first episode included a horrifying bungee-plunge off a bridge and a hysterically funny cheese-toting episode. i think i understand now how some people (not me) feel when they're watching america's funniest home videos, or those online fail videos with people getting hurt on trampolines or whatever. m, boo, and i were laughing so hard as the racers' badly-designed wooden backpack-style cheese carriers broke into pieces, people slipped and slid down a steep, muddy, animal-poop-covered hillside in picturesque switzerland, and their 50-pound wheels of cheese went rolling and bouncing down the hill. down below, swiss cheese makers (i guess) clutched their stomachs with laughter. also, one of the annoying couples (jennifer and preston, dating, as the caption says) got kicked off at the end. so here's who i am rooting for:

margie and luke, a devoted mother and her deaf son (they won the first leg, and it was pretty poignant when phil signed "you are team number one" to luke, who can't read lips).

mark and michael, brothers and stuntmen, both very short people (i think they said 4 feet 9 inches). they may turn out to be jerks, but i like them so far.

linda and steve, married "hicks from the sticks." steve is seriously the real life version of this simpsons character. they'll be eliminated soon, i'm sure, since linda can't run fast and cries a lot, and they both tend to wander in the wrong direction. but i like them!

but most of all, with all my heart, i have my fingers crossed for

mike white and his gay dad!!!!! my favorite moment of the show was probably when mike white said to his dad, "i can't believe we're on the amazing race!"

*although i'm tempted to apologize for my love of (some) reality television, i won't. je ne regrette rien, as they say.


Show said...

It is nice when a team you dislike leaves first. Linda and Steve should go next week. They were my second least favorite after Jennifer and Preston (Dating).

scottheim said...

I'm just now seeing this post... yes, we're obsessed again in this house. I'm rooting for the same teams you are! Did you notice how this season, the first episode was really exciting? Usually, episode 1 is just a lot of cab-catching and airplane-riding...

I'll start including you on occasional amazing race commentary emails.

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, good!!