Tuesday, January 06, 2009


i had a long and movie-ish dream last night that bean was lost, or stuck someplace, and i couldn't get to her, and i kept calling people on the phone and trying to get cars to start, to rescue her. no need for analysis: i get it.

i've been watching so many movies my brain is brimming. old ones on tv while in my stitchery:

gaslight, with ingrid bergman and her horrible husband (charles boyer) who roots around in the attic all the time scaring her. i remember a similar story line (making someone think they're crazy) on general hospital, back in the day. i love joseph cotton -- did he ever play anything but a good guy?

the children's hour -- audrey hepburn and shirley maclaine, old college friends who run a girls' school together, until a horrible little girl (she seems like she could be the same kid from "the bad seed") falsely accuses them of "unnatural" acts (being lesbians) and shirley maclaine, who realizes she IS in love with audrey hepburn after all, ends up hanging herself.

to sir, with love -- i have a big retro crush on sidney poitier. i love when he dances to the "groovy" 1967 music. he is a fabulous teacher of difficult teenagers with great accents from london's east end.

and the new movies i've seen recently, in the order i loved them:

rachel getting married
synechdoche, ny
slumdog millionaire
the curious case of benjamin button

i may have forgotten some. movies on my to-see list:

let the right one in
revolutionary road
the reader
the wrestler


margot said...

whoa, sorry! i haven't really gotten lost yet.

Mary said...

whew !!