Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oh tannenbaums

MYphone just wouldn't quite capture the beauty of these pretty little christmas trees my friend mama d gave me today. they are sweet little wooden trees, made of nubbly bark on the front and smooth wood on the back. and they were made in germany, too! thus far, aside from a cluster of candles on the dining room table, they are our only christmas decor. i'll have to take another picture with m's camera so you can truly appreciate how pretty these tannenbaums are.


Unknown said...

Thanks for blogging about your tannenbaums, it reminded me that Mama D sent me a set months ago! I went right out and put them at the base of my roommate's little tree in the living room. Hope to see you sometime when I'm in Maine!

Liz Woodbury said...

i'm so glad you have some tannenbaums at your house, too, michaela! i don't know if our paths will cross this year, since we're heading down to north carolina for christmas. we'll be back around the 29th, i think -- when do you leave for minnesota?

Unknown said...

I'll be back in Portland on the 20th, leaving to return to MN on the 29th. If I don't see you, have fun in North Carolina! Not much chance of an ice storm there!