Monday, November 03, 2008


the boston vegetarian food festival was a great excuse for me to spend another fun weekend getting spoiled by my mom and dad. warning: judging from the photos i took, we mostly ate food.

like burnt caramel ice cream at toscanini's. below, mom and dad and their micro sundaes (they have no calories, my mom says).

the festival itself was crazy, packed with hungry vegetarians, but we were intrepid. i was excited to sample teese, but it was pretty disappointing. i'm sure it's good melted on a pizza, but it's not all that great on a cracker.

sheese, on the other hand, tastes remarkably good. almost like real cheese, and not at all like fake cheese. i tasted their smoked cheddar flavor -- even my mom and dad liked it. it's made in scotland, and very few stores in the u.s. carry it.

on sunday, we went to ikea! i love ikea with all my heart. i can't afford to buy what i'd really like to get there (i.e. a brand new kitchen), but i did get silverware, dog poop bags, and picture frames, for a grand total of about $10.

and such a pretty cafeteria, too:

more food, below -- dad's waffle and mom's apple cake (i remember eating that very same apple cake at the baltimore ikea, circa 1994):

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