Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election day

we are signed up to get back on the phones today, to continue bothering people in northern maine to get out and vote! there were quite a few last night who were pretty pissed off that they were being called again, but just as many who wanted to chat about obama. there's something particularly moving about hearing someone in perhaps the whitest part of the country, in a strong maine accent, expressing rhapsodic admiration for barack obama. boo, by the way, is a natural at calling people on the phone and urging them to vote. me, not so much -- my style is to get the whole thing over with as fast as possible (i never ask, "how are you doing tonight?" because i kind of hate it when telemarketers or political callers ask me that question -- they don't really want to know the answer, right?). me: "hi, is this (blank)? i'm calling from the obama campaign in maine, and i just want to know if you're planning on voting tomorrow. yes? great, thanks! bye!"

so excited. so nervous.

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