Wednesday, October 15, 2008


it's been a birthday extravaganza around here the past few days - first m's this weekend, and then mine yesterday. thanks to facebook, i got about a million happy birthday wishes (as well as phone calls from my sweet family members). m and i got a german birthday package from bean (she says there's another one on the way, too!). i tried to make the black licorice last, but it was so good. i am one glucksschweine!

we celebrated m's birthday with cinnamon swirl toast and lattes at the newly opened arabica:

arabica's looking good:

we strongarmed boo into a walk on mackworth island, too. i love governor baxter's pet cemetery. here lies jerry roan, "a kind friend:"

boo and m couldn't resist making a fairy house:

minnow came, too -- he gallumphed like an elephant amidst the fairy houses, but strolled delicately along the path:

that night, paul cooked for us and even presented m with a scrumptious birthday cake.

as for my birthday, i celebrated by taking artemis for her driver's test (which she passed, thanks to my good birthday karma), plus i got taken out to dinner at green elephant. it was yummmmmy. everything's vegetarian (most is vegan, in fact), even this "duck" that boo ordered:

the soy nugget appetizer was so delicious:

and m had some kind of spicy stirfried vegetable dish with brown rice, also delicious:

my entree was just as tasty, but not as photogenic (it involved wide rice noodles and tofu). dessert, however...

beautiful. vegan chocolate-orange mousse pie. because it's not a real birthday without some chocolate.


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday! you had coffee and dinner at two of my favorite places. plus i was working on macworth yesterday - you'll have to pop into the library next time and say hi.

looks like you had a pretty awesome day.

Liz Woodbury said...

i thought about you when we walked by the school, meg! i will find the library next time i'm there!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a Glücksschwein!
I wish you all of the Glück!
Try to find the ü on your keyboard. Any help needed?

Liz Woodbury said...

you know, it's funny -- i can find it on my iphone, but i don't know how to do it on this keyboard (usually i'm on a pc, although i'm using a mac at the moment)...